Acacia offers a nine-month training program (fall to spring) for both master’s- and doctoral-level practicum students interested in working with college and graduate student populations.  


Accepting Master's Level applicants starting January 2020

Accepting Doctoral Level applicants starting February 2020

Required Materials: Cover Letter, CV/Resume, & Unofficial Transcript of Graduate Training


Practicum training focuses on a number of components:


  • In-depth training in diagnostic assessment and individual outpatient therapy, with group and couples therapy based on referrals

  • Opportunity to learn from in-person observation, as well as feedback provided by peers and supervisors through the use of video recorded sessions

  • Intensive focus on multiculturalism and the development of cultural humility

  • Training in a variety of empirically-supported theoretical orientations, interventions, and ways of conceptualizing clients

  • Students are provided supervision through developmental and competency-based approaches, with a minimum of one hour of individual and group supervision weekly, with opportunities to participate in all-staff consultation and staff meetings on a weekly basis.

  • Throughout the training year, practicum students have the opportunity to participate in didactics, case presentations, and are asked to present to the staff in an area of particular interest or expertise (i.e. mindfulness, grief and loss, toxic masculinity, etc.).

  • Acacia is made up of a diverse variety of mental health clinicians with specialized training in several areas of expertise and from different backgrounds, and our therapists are actively involved in the training process with practicum students.   


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